"Organization. Control. Information. Objectivity. Results. Value."

We follow and execute any type of accounting, also assuming the responsibility as Certified Accountant, under the statutory terms of the Order and legal in force, namely in Corporations, Groups of Companies, Private Limited Companies and Liberal Professionals.

  • Assumption of the General Accounting of companies, contributing to a true and proper image of the equity situation and the formation of the result
  • Business Startup Accounting (Startups)
  • Organizational restructurings with changes in corporate regime and accounting obligations
  • Review of the classification of dimension (concepts European Union and Tax Authority / IAPMEI) and respective formats of accounting plans and presentation of accounts
  • Implementation and revision of account plans and taxonomies
  • Review of direct and indirect holdings and Consolidation of Accounts
  • nterim preparation of the Financial Statements
  • Internal Audits/Expertise
  • Review and Implementation of control systems for tangible assets, investment properties and inventories, physical records and valuation by certified experts for the determination of Fair Value
  • Review and Implementation of Analytical Accounting / Cost Centers, contributing to the costing and analysis of costs, profitability of products, services, customers, activities and competitive positioning
  • Support in the preparation of management reports and other elements of the presentation of accounts
  • Support in the preparation and updating of investment control dossiers using public funds
  • Invoicing and Submission in E-invoice


“Rigor. Counseling. Confidence. Results. Value .”

The increasing complexity of tax matters, namely automation and deadlines for tax declarations, maximization of current Tax Benefits , Fiscal Efficiency and adequate planning for the mitigation of potential risks and penalties, are concerns that, at the corporate and individual levels, providing us to support customers in the following activities.

  • Support in the tax planning of Corporations, Professionals and Individual Taxpayers
  • Elaboration of the various tax obligations and estimates of taxes payable (with appointment of Certified Accountant)
  • Review of the various tax obligations and estimates of taxes payable
  • Advice under the Investment Tax Code (REFAI, SIFIDE, DLRR etc)
  • Support and follow-up in the Transfer Prices Dossier
  • Support and follow-up with the Tax Authority, with respect to the limits defined by the Order of Certified Accountants
  • Follow-up on the implementation and monitoring of Procedures/Fiscal Compliance
  • Other case-law


“Control. Knowledge. Efficiency. Results. Value.”

Our experience in diverse and demanding business environments gives us a multiple response capability in support of the high demands of Entrepreneurs, Managers or Independent, regardless of size, business area or level of internal organization of the company.

  • Follow-up in planning, management (maximize cash flow, receipts, payments, financing) and control of the Treasury
  • ccompaniment in the preparation and negotiation of loans and restructuring of financial liabilities and equity
  • Monitoring in Budget / Forecast processes and budgets
  • Monitoring in the implementation and monitoring of the Procedures / Compliance of Internal Control and Risk Mitigation, Management Control and KPIs
  • Follow-up on declaratory obligations with Banco de Portugal and INE
  • Follow-up on investment incentive dossiers
  • Accompaniment in fleet management (acquisition, financing, renting and tax efficiency in vehicles)


“Turnaround Management. Results. Generate High Value Added”

Experience in many demanding business environments gives us the skills to support the high demands of Business Owners and Managers, in whose companies these processes are critical.

  • Follow-up on "business change" processes
  • Follow-up on company restructuring and recovery processes
  • Follow-up on Special Recovery Plans (PER and SIREV)
  • Accompaniment in the preparation and negotiation with creditors, restructuring of financial liabilities and shareholders' equity
  • Monitoring in the implementation and monitoring of the new Procedures / Compliance of internal control and risk mitigation, Management control and KPI's


“Counseling. Privacy. Mitigate risks. Value

Legal obligations with regard to the privacy of personal data and complex labor legislation, in addition to other legal obligations with regard to human resources, are concerns that it is important to safeguard in the corporate sphere, making us available to support clients in the following activities.

  • Processing wages and legal records
  • Administrative management of human resources
  • Recruitments
  • Entities and legal obligations



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